VENTURA 4 experimental

The Ventura 4 is the four-seater aircraft of I.C.P., designed to meet the requirements of amateur construction, and suitable for the experimental category.

The kit has been reviewed by the FAA, ENAC, IAA, South African CAA and many other Civil Aviation Authority in Europe and all over the world and it has been found eligible for licensing in the Experimental Amateur-Built category. This means that the fabrication work we do on the kit components is less than 50% of the total required to complete the aircraft and that at least 51% of the work remains for the kit builder.

What makes Ventura really unique?

The construction is entirely made in aluminium; this aircraft is characterized by two large doors from which, thanks to the adjustable and flippable front seats, you can comfortably access the rear seats.

By virtue of the new wing with Riblett GA 35-418 airfoil, The Ventura-4 can approach for landing as slow as 80 kph (50 mph/43 knots) at maximum weight and with its high propeller clearance, can operate from semi-prepared runways shorter than 250 meters with a large margin of safety. Combining such excellent STOL characteristics,  typical of all ICP family aircraft, with high cruising speed and brilliant manoeuvrability with brisk roll response, the aircraft offers optimal performance in any situation giving the pilot full control and a lot of fun!

The Ventura is an extremely versatile aircraft, and thanks to the large engine compartment it can be powered with a variety of solutions ranging from the compact Rotax 912 (recommended for the 2-seater version only) to the powerful 180 HP Lycoming IO-360. All this combined with a considerable payload (415 kg if equipped with Rotax 915 iS or 320 kg if with Lycoming IO-360).

Space. Reliability. Performance.  These are the buzz words of The Ventura-4

How to get a 4-seater Ventura?


Order the basic kit!

Aircraft airframe up to the firewall (fuselage, wings with flaperons, complete tail), including adjustable front seats with positioning microswitches, Y central stick, electric flap with indicator, electric trim with indicator, 6” wheels, fairing wheels, long range tanks.


Chose the engine!

According to your choice we can provide you with the Firewall Kit for Rotax 915/914 /Lycoming.

The Firewall Kit includes: engine mount with silent blocks, complete engine cowling, basic electric harness, landing light, cabin light, lubrication kit components with cooler and fixing hardware, cooling system with radiator and fixing hardware.

We will also provide you with the Finishing kit (two front fabric seats with pocket; two rear fabric seats, 4 seat belts, parking brake, custom mats, chocke, double throttles, breakers for led lights, sun visors)


Customize your Ventura!

What you need to finish the aircraft are:exhaust system, propeller, instruments  and avionics.

We can supply you with the components, offer you advice and all the assistance you need to complete the construction.

Would you like to know more?


– The Ventura 4 is a monoplane type, with 4 seats, fitted with a high wing supported by struts.
– All metal structure with load resisting panels.
– High lift GA 35 418 Aerofoil with Junkers type flaperon (aileron + flap) with electrical control.
– Trim with electrical control on the elevator and with manual control on the rudder.
– Longe range wing fuel tanks with 2×36 litres capacity in each wing. The tanks are connected and flow into a 18 ltr collection sump placed in the fuselage. A single drain valve at the bottom of the fuselage is  provided for fuel sampling.


– The two large removable lateral doors allow easy independent access to the cabin.
– Doors are fully transparent allowing good visibility.
– The cockpit is insulated, has upholstery covered seats and a fitted carpet.
– The cabin arrangement features two upholstery adjustable front seats and 2 rear upholstered seats.
– The luggage compartment situated behind the rear seats is accessible during the flight and can hold up to 20 Kg (45 lbs).
– The cabin’s ventilation is provided by cabin adjustable air scoops on the side of the forward fuselage. A dynamic air scoop intended to extract the cabin air is fitted at the top of the baggage compartment.
– Heating system can be orientated on feet or on windshield with control on the dashboard.
– Cabin light.


– Instrument panel completely customizable by the customer.
– By default we provide the basic analog instrumentation to be able to fly (Air speed indicator 3 1/8” with coloured arcs, Altimeter 3 1/8” with setting window, Vertical speed indicator 3 1/8”, Magnetic Compass, Slip and skid indicator, as well as engine instruments if compatible)
– The wide panel lends itself well to house the latest generation digital instrumentation.


performaces ventura


I-AICP, the first Italian Ventura 4 Experimental

Engine: Lycoming IO-360, 180 hp
Propeller: GT propellers

I-DIOT, the second Italian Ventura 4 Experimental

Engine: Rotax 915iS, 141 hp
Propeller: MT-propeller

The first German Ventura 4 Experimental – expatriate in Paraguay

Engine: Rotax 915iS, 141 hp
Propeller: MT-propeller

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